LookingGlass is the legal profession's leading provider of online jury research. It delivers all the benefits of traditional jury research – and many more – but at a fraction of the cost.

A highly effective alternative to costly traditional jury research

Instead of the steep, out-of-pocket expenses involved with empanelling a mock jury – complete with travel, location and associated costs – LookingGlass conducts all the research in a secure online environment using the latest web technology. It can poll many more people, get accurate, actionable results much faster, and give you deep, rich analysis of both the responses and respondents that reveal where your best opportunities exist.


Founded and staffed by jury research experts who will help you tailor the research to your exact needs, LookingGlass gives you a highly effective new weapon for achieving better client outcomes, accurate damages and earlier settlements for a much wider range of cases and legal matters.

With LookingGlass, the future of online jury research really is here.

  • "LookingGlass provides an innovative, quick, and financially feasible way to reach a broad audience about any topic. The results were unexpected at times, which made the exercises much more worthwhile."

    Laura Deane, RN
    Director, Risk Management
    Emory Healthcare and Emory University
  • “LookingGlass is an essential tool for accurate, quick and cost-effective assessment of cases of any size.”

    John S. Moore
  • Testing arguments and early damage assessments for personal injury case in Pennsylvania
  • Juror profiling and case evaluation study for wrongful death case in Florida
  • Case evaluation of medical malpractice cases in Georgia
  • Opinion survey of various public figures in Maryland
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