Look Who's Using LookingGlass (Hint: It's Not Just Litigators)

As LookingGlass drives down the costs of jury research, the potential use cases go up – and go beyond the classic litigation-driven scenarios. Recent clients include:

  • A Fortune 500 company who wanted to get a quick assessment of the potential liability in an employment litigation matter.
  • An insurance carrier who wanted to get a quick assessment of pending claims – should they settle, and if so, for how much? Or should they go to trial, and if so, what is the ideal jury make-up? They used to use jury research on only the biggest potential claims. Now they test even smaller claims.
  • A healthcare risk management organization needed to assess the level of exposure for several specific cases of varying sizes.
  • In-house counsel for a mid-sized corporation used LookingGlass to get quick feedback on legal matters affecting their companies.
  • Jury and trial consultants to collect data quickly and reliably, and advise their clients accordingly.
  • Trial attorneys in a very complex personal injury case with tricky comparative fault issues. They used the service before discovery to assist in developing themes and determine what aspects of the facts they wanted to focus on to help in their case preparation procedures.